Gunbot beta
CryptoSight is a trade and profitability tracker built for Gunbot. It works to show your profits, track and alert you to trades as they are made, as well as provide a platform for creating trades. This guide will walk you through the steps required to get you going.

Step 1.

Join the CryptoSight support group. Your reseller will send you an invite link.

Step 2.

Contact @gunthy_bot and type /start to start the bot.
This is the bot that will provide you with the files and information needed to install CryptoSight on the local machine Gunbot runs on.

Step 3.

Click Activate in @gunthy_bot and provide it with the CryptoSight license key given to you by your reseller, use copy/paste to enter the license key to prevent any typos.

Step 4.

Type /start again in @gunthy_bot and click Get Agent for the software download and follow the instructions.
If you have any more questions contact @orolob, @exquitas or @narkotix.
Last modified 2yr ago